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Newbie ..sandbox setup help - Page 2 Empty safe downloading and executables

Post by sanbox man on 19/8/2016, 18:59

ssj100 wrote:Even if it's possible for them to execute by themselves, my security setup (at least back on Windows XP) had an anti-executable component to it (SRP).
Have you heard of cases where they can execute by themselves.
eg. say straight after removing contents from SBIE?
Is it actually possible?

ssj100 wrote:But if you're downloading and recovering specific files (eg. video/music files) out of the sandbox and into this Downloads folder, I really can't see how they can spontaneously execute when you're not even viewing (reading) them unsandboxed.
At the moment I am not viewing video/music files sandboxed; for safety should I? I download them Youtube.
Does Google scan uploaded videos and eliminate the malware? Is it safe to presume the downloads are
safe cause its from Youtube?

sanbox man

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Newbie ..sandbox setup help - Page 2 Empty Re: Newbie ..sandbox setup help

Post by ssj100 on 19/8/2016, 19:50

Not sure if it's possible. Up to you about how "safe" you want to be.

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