Windows 8 to be released October 2012?

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Windows 8 to be released October 2012? Empty Windows 8 to be released October 2012?

Post by ssj100 on 25/10/2010, 08:15

If so, I'll be skipping Windows 7 (unless Windows 8 is a "disaster" like Vista). This news is highly favourable for me, as I'm still using Windows XP happily and personally can't see any point of upgrading to Windows Vista or 7.

And who knows, if tzuk is still around, the 64-bit version of Windows 8 may be fully compatible with Sandboxie (in terms of guaranteeing "100%" security) and not have the limitations induced by PatchGuard.

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Windows 8 to be released October 2012? Empty Re: Windows 8 to be released October 2012?

Post by jna90 on 29/7/2011, 09:43

By what I've read about windows 8 and its security. And I've not been up to date to developments of Windows 8 or anything.
Mere speculation on my side: The whole windows 8 os behaves like sandboxie does now.

How will Windows 8 file protection system works?

The lock system is expected to be there in the Windows 8 that will not allow the user to replace the active windows directory and sub directory with any other file because it automatically imposed a locking key for system files that prevents over-writing of data to the files.

Seems a bit like Sandboxie but then as default implementation instead of installing third party tools to accomplish these things.
But if I can install Sandboxie in windows 8, I would do it.. unless W8 sees sandboxie as an unsafe application or worse, as a potential rootkit of somekind ? I hope not of course.

[EDIT] ehmm, this was an old thread.. just noticed this.. woops .. ah well clown


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