Comodo Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6

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Comodo Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6 Empty Comodo Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6

Post by ssj100 on 16/7/2012, 14:36
New Virtual Kiosk for CIS 6 features:

1 -- Fully virtualized browsing and computing experience

2 -- Isolated from keylogging, ideal for online banking

3 -- Will turn the computer into an iPAD (if the time allows)

4 -- The sandbox is significantly improved to support a lot more applications than previous edtions
This is very interesting, and I'll be keen to test this feature when it's officially released. From what I can tell, it may be equivalent to a "secure desktop" environment combined with a Virtual Machine. If this is the case, then in my opinion, Comodo will have created the biggest breakthrough in personal computing security since Sandboxie. I've been waiting for someone or some company to release the equivalent of the "secure desktop" environment. As MrBrian implied, the "secure desktop" environment appears to be bulletproof against all mechanisms of logging malware:

It will also be interesting to see how Comodo continues developing their "Auto-Sandbox" - will it ever get close to Sandboxie?

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