Windows 8. possible to disable metro GUI ?

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Windows 8. possible to disable metro GUI ? Empty Windows 8. possible to disable metro GUI ?

Post by jna90 on 1/5/2012, 04:40


Ehmm, well I have a bit of mixed feelings about the 'new' androíd, touchscreen, ipad kind of looking GUI. the metro interface.
Granted, I should give it a chance, but I'm so used to the traditional taskbar and startmenu that I'm very reluctant in trying the new GUI.

The new interface called 'Metro' gives me a feeling that my mobile phone is connected to a big monitor and I'm almost checking if the battery is still charged and at any moment I expect a sms or text message popping up on the screen. ok, just little joke. but in most jokes there is some truth at its core.

Anyway, I don't have any alpha, beta or other versions.
I'm just wondering if Windows 8 will support the traditional taskbar & start button.
Probably there will be plenty of people making hacks to the registry or create customization software that includes a windows 95 look.
But it would be nicer if it was implemented and accessible right from the OS.

Anyway, anybody got any idea if the 'METRO' look is set in stone and that there is no standard windows 7 look ?
thanks for reading and cheers !

Okay, I just watched some youtube reviews and the original taskbar/desktop environment is still available as a link on the metro interface, but the start button / orb is replaced with a metro mosaic.
thank goodness the 'old' environment is still around, however not available as a main interface.

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