How To: Detect a Binded Trojan Or FUD Trojan

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How To: Detect a Binded Trojan Or FUD Trojan Empty How To: Detect a Binded Trojan Or FUD Trojan

Post by Peace on 28/12/2011, 21:57

Found something interesting regarding Fuds, thought id share this with you guys.

FIRST METHOD:Right click it, if you got winrar

installed and you see
“open with winrar” then this
means it was binded with winrar
so def backdoored……

Open it with a resource editor such as
resource hacker/restorator/pe explorer and check the rcdata section
,if theres 1 & 2 entries in it
then its bindedTHIRD METHOD:

Open it with a hex editor ,
at the start of a PE header theres always this line “This program cannot be run in DOS mode” , search for it,if it
exists more then once then it might be binded
it depends on the specific app,for example its not unusual for
binders/crypters to have the stub file attached in the resources
also search for .exe and inspect the results,a binded file
drops the files to a temp folder before executing em , so if
you find somethin like this: %.t.e.m.p.%..x.x…e.x.e or file1.exe/file2.exe
then its def binded

FOURTH METHOD:Run it in sandboxie ,when a file is ran’d in sandboxie its isolated

(cant access your files/registry, first click the sandboxie tray icon to
open up its Window , then right click the file and click “run with sandboxie”
if you see another process name in the sandboxie
Window then its probably backdoored
(this doesnt include sandboxie rpcss/dcom launch processes,those are legit and
needed for some programs) , thats not all ,
the file may drop another when one of the buttons in the
program GUI is clicked or after you close it , so click all the buttons and close it
just to make sure ,
if you do see other processes then immdiatly click file>terminate all processes
from the sandboxie menu , if a file refuses to run in
sandboxie or its suppose to be a program and it runs
without GUI then it would probably be best to delete it


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