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Post by ssj100 on 8/3/2011, 14:16

Has anyone ever heard of a malicious exploit involving Port 0? If not, is it theoretically possible?

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Post by tnegjm on 8/3/2011, 21:59

The only issues I've heard of awhile back was some DOS attacks on unix servers using Port 0. Other than that I thought port 0 wasn't used.


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Post by Dude111 on 5/7/2011, 01:51

Everyone should have EVERY PORT STEALTHED!! (Even port 0)

Thats sadly the only safest way,dont have ANY PORTS OPEN OR EVEN 'CLOSED',having them 'stealthed' is the safest!!


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Post by Stephen2 on 9/7/2011, 09:51

Dude111 wrote:ANY PORTS OPEN OR EVEN 'CLOSED',having them 'stealthed' is the safest!!
Stealthing ports doesn't make you any safer than closed ports. Ridiculous FUD spread by firewall developers.

I know the argument "If you don't respond at ALL, the attacker will think you don't exist which is safer."

There are two kinds of attackers:

1) Port scanning on a particular port for a whole range of IPs, looking for one listening. Stealth = Closed

2) Dedicated hacker attacking your IP directly. Already knows you exist. Stealth = Closed

Nobody is there saying "Well, I scanned to on port 80 but no vulnerable ports were found, HOWEVER, didn't respond at all, so I'll exclude it from future scans"

Look, I guess stealthing ports doesn't hurt in any way but it's NO safer than closed ports and even open ports (as long as you're not listening with a program/service that has a vulnerability).

FUD filled comments like yours "Dude111" are more than a bit over the top.

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