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DS vs IFW Empty DS vs IFW

Post by Rico on 25/2/2011, 05:35

Just tested Drive Snapshot and compared it with Terabyte's Image For Windows in a fresh install of XP in a VM. The main reason I chose IFW as the contender is becuase of Wilderites' labelling it as 'on par' with DS's speed and size. They have never been more wrong Very Happy

DS was lightining in comparison, producing a 737MB backup in 3:19.

IFW took 4:44 to produce a backup sized 774MB.

Other details:
IFW needs to be installed. Not available as standalone. GUI not as easy to understand or navigate as DS - while subjective, maybe if you guys are interested let me know what you think. Not possible to create a multipartition image at once when burning to CD.

Does anyone have anything to say otherwise about IFW?

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DS vs IFW Empty Re: DS vs IFW

Post by Sadeghi85 on 25/2/2011, 16:47

Rico wrote:

IFW took 4:44 to produce a backup sized 774MB.

You can tweak it's settings to speed it up. If you have enough ram disable 'Use Disk Storage'.

DS vs IFW Ifwdckx

In my experience using VSS will make a slightly smaller backup, but using PHYLock and increasing ram cache will make it faster.


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