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Sandboxed imaging Empty Sandboxed imaging

Post by jss1 on 29/1/2011, 07:18

Greetings. New here, although I've seen ssj on Wilders and SBIE's forum.

I'm highly interested in learning about disk imaging.

Some background: I have a 5 year old XP SP3 system that runs smooth as silk and I attribute that to doing all my browsing and program testing in sandboxes. Still fully boots up under a minute after all these years. My pc came with an IBM imaging program (called Rescue and Recovery) pre-loaded and I've made a few backup images. But it feels a bit buggy and my level of confidence in it is not high.

I very seldom install programs directly onto my machine. Instead, I've grown very fond of portable apps and run them (right click the executables) in sandboxes. I have tried doing likewise with a couple of non-portable imaging programs (Macrium Reflect and Drive Image XML) to see if they would work, but they didn't.

So my question is whether anyone here has any successful experience running an imaging program in Sandboxie. And I suppose a follow-up issue would be how to make a bootable cd if, in fact, there is a SBIE-compatible imaging program.

Edit: I should clarify that there appears to be a portable version of Drive Image XML...but when I try to run it sandboxed, it does absolutely nothing. Doesn't ever start up. It looks like it tries to load in the sandbox, but then stalls.

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Sandboxed imaging Empty Re: Sandboxed imaging

Post by ssj100 on 29/1/2011, 07:37

Welcome jss1. I think you have a similar mind-set to me - try to keep the system as clean and lean as possible by doing as much as possible sandboxed.

Unfortunately, I would highly doubt that there would be an imaging program which is able to properly perform sandboxed.

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