Running Vbox in Sandboxie

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Running Vbox in Sandboxie Empty Running Vbox in Sandboxie

Post by Rico on 17/12/2010, 17:42

Hi ssj!

I had read before about your technique in running vbox in the confines of sandboxie. Could you please go over your chosen settings in running this? I have attempted to do that but vbox takes agaes to start sandboxed,(probably due to the copying of a large file to the sandbox)

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Running Vbox in Sandboxie Empty Re: Running Vbox in Sandboxie

Post by ssj100 on 18/12/2010, 05:32

Yes, I've run VirtualBox sandboxed for what seems like years now, although I only sandbox it when I'm purposefully testing unknown or malicious files.

From what I can see, here's what I've changed from the default sandbox configuration:

1. Increased File Migration to 480Mb
2. Internet Access (only these processes can connect to the internet): virtualbox.exe, vboxsvc.exe
3. Start/Run Access: virtualbox.exe, vboxsvc.exe, vboxtestogl.exe

Note that you can also configure and implement Resource Access protection in addition to the above.

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