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VMLite XP Mode for Win 7 Pro Empty VMLite XP Mode for Win 7 Pro

Post by DarkPhoenix on 2/12/2010, 09:47

I notice many of you run a Virtual XP through Sandboxie for extra security. A popular choice is Sun's Virtual Box.

I just wanted to tell you folks about a great app I use with my Windows 7 XP Mode. As you may or may not know, Windows 7 Editions Professional and higher come with a license to run a virtual copy of XP called XP mode. Microsoft suggests you use their "Virtual PC" software to run the XP mode.

Whats the difference between Windows 7 XP Mode and running XP in a regular virtual machine?

Windows 7 XP Mode features seamless integration between the host and guest operating systems. You can transfer files and folders, start programs etc to and from from your host or guest machine. This is unique to Windows 7 XP Mode.
For more info see here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/windows_vpc/archive/2009/08/27/three-modes-of-windows-xp-mode.aspx

VMlite is a better faster way to run XP mode with many enhancements above Virtual PC.

"VMLite vs Virtual PC pros and cons:

These are the main pros and cons of VMLite.


(1) Runs faster. No RDP/RemoteApp is getting in the way.

(2) no requirement for VT-x or AMD-V

(3) supports more virtual disk formats

(4) vpc has a disk capacity limit of 127G, while VMLite has a limit of 2TB. 127G is way too small to run virtual machines converted from a physical computer.

(5) supports 64-bit guests, vpc only works with 32-bit guest OSes.

(6) supports multiple virtual CPUs, whereas vpc only works with a single vcpu.

(7) better and faster graphics. VMLite supports 32-bit true colors, and supports 3D/2D acceleration from version 3.1.2. VPC seems to have only 16-bit colors, and no support for 3D/2D. For example, if you play Google Earth in vpc, it will be very slow. Another example, you won't be able to play SecondLife in VPC, whereas VMLite 3.1.2 has no problems in playing SecondLife.

(Cool VMLite file sharing is much faster than vpc, since we don't use tcp/ip to transfer files, instead we forward kernel level IRPs between host and vm, and between VMs.


(1) VMLite does not support USB devices at the moment, while VPC/XP Mode has strong supports for USB devices. (We are working on it, takes quite some time, though)

(2) VPC/XP Mode does better job to integrate individual virtual apps, with taskbar integration. We are implementing this feature on VMLite too.

In summary, after we implement USB and single application mode, VMLite will be superior to VPC in every aspect."

Source: http://www.vmlite.com/index.php/forums/9-vmlite-xp-mode/163-vmlite-vs-virtual-pc

As you see they have improved over Microsoft's software by adding things like 64 bit support and better faster graphics. Since I have been using VMLite I cannot ever go back to the Virtual PC software to run XP Mode ever again.. it's just night and day.

They also have a plugin for use with Sun Virtual Box, giving it all the extra functionality VMLite has.

The VMLite program is Free You have to register for free before you can download. Go to http://www.vmlite.com/ to check it out. (Windows 7 users need to download the actual XP Mode VM software free from Microsoft) http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx
Or, If you have not downloaded the XP Mode VM, VMLite can download and install the XP Mode VM for you!

Here's a little tip for those who own Pro and Home Premium. You can only legally download the XP Mode VM if you own Pro or higher but if you also happen to have Home Premium in another machine The VMLite software will run the XP Mode VM in Home Premium. Do so at your own risk as this is not covered by the license agreement for your XP Mode.

Just thought some of you may find this useful.

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