DefenseWall v3.09 (Beta/Final) released

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DefenseWall v3.09 (Beta/Final) released Empty DefenseWall v3.09 (Beta/Final) released

Post by ssj100 on 29/11/2010, 10:26

From the developer himself:

OK, one last (I hope), beta build. It covers two areas:
1. Autorun.inf how handles more close. If it's untrusted, everything's running with it is untrusted.
2. New kernel-level vulnerability (unpatched by MS).
As you can see, this is yet another vulnerability that Ilya has had to patch. Read more about the vulnerability here:

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DefenseWall v3.09 (Beta/Final) released Empty Re: DefenseWall v3.09 (Beta/Final) released

Post by Boyfriend on 22/1/2011, 13:23

Thanks for news Smile

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