Can LUA+SRP resist Stuxnet infection?

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Can LUA+SRP resist Stuxnet infection?  Empty Can LUA+SRP resist Stuxnet infection?

Post by flatfly on 1/10/2010, 15:34

Hi SSJ100,

I'm a big fan of the LUA+SRP approach, and I'm one of those guys who really hate running a resident A-V.
However, I'm also rather paranoid, so in the light of the recent Stuxnet outbreak, I would like to hear your opinion - do you still stand by your statement that LUA+SRP is enough to block all known malware, including Stuxnet (note that it uses 4 Windows zero-days including 2 privilege escalations)?

For reference, here's a good summary of what is currently known about Stuxnet on the F-Secure blog:


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Can LUA+SRP resist Stuxnet infection?  Empty Re: Can LUA+SRP resist Stuxnet infection?

Post by ssj100 on 1/10/2010, 16:19

Hi flatfly, and welcome to the forums!

To be honest, I don't know for sure. But I'd bet that LUA + SRP can block them all in the real-world and keep a system infection free.

With regards to the LNK exploit, I showed here that SRP blocked it easily:

With regards to privilege escalations, I think in theory that LUA + SRP could be bypassed. However, I won't believe it until someone gives me a malware sample or POC to demonstrate such a bypass.

And regardless, for my own setup, the malware would also need to bypass Sandboxie 32-bit to infect my system. In all honesty, I cannot think of a stronger setup than Sandboxie + LUA + SRP.

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