The torment of security on x64

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The torment of security on x64 Empty The torment of security on x64

Post by Rico on 4/8/2010, 11:33

I have been on an extensive search for ways at propping up x64 securty to be on par with x86. it has been really frustrating as of late and I dont know how relaible a x64 version of sbie is; a thread on the forum shouws around 7 matousec tests running through it... and no extensive testing against real world malware. tzuk had removed the former detailed page on the 'notes for x64 edition' and replaced it with a vague description of the tech limits rather than the former descriptions and examples; which is understandbale for saleswise but a little misleading. I believe its because someone pointed out tht mereley recommending programs not to escape makes sbiex64 security through obscurity.

Sandboxie used to be the centerpiece of my setup but I believe that KPP has caused it to become a paper tiger. Do you guys have any suggestions? O btw I mainly stay in shadow mode with shadowdefender for most of the time with my x64 rig. The only main reason I use it is until I set up an AE system in place to work with its start/run and lua.

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The torment of security on x64 Empty Re: The torment of security on x64

Post by ssj100 on 4/8/2010, 11:44

Have a read of this thread here (in case you missed it):

I don't know much about "full session sandboxing", but I think it basically means forcing an entire user's profile (that they use to log into Windows) sandboxed. tzuk is implying that this method will make Sandboxie 64-bit very strong. He's going to re-introduce it into the 3.47 Beta versions, so I guess we'll see more of what it does and perhaps how well it does.

Also, as you're implying, I'm not really sure if 64-bit is less secure than 32-bit in the "real-world", even taking into account third party programs like Sandboxie. It's well known that Windows 64-bit is by default more secure than 32-bit.

I guess perhaps we should wait until we see malware specifcally bypassing Sandboxie 64-bit before feeling "tormented"?

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