Cloude based Anti-virus-----Immunet Protect

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Cloude based Anti-virus-----Immunet Protect Empty Cloude based Anti-virus-----Immunet Protect

Post by Singlemature on 1/7/2010, 15:43

I've been trying this product for about a month,i think it's a potential product and i'm translate it into chinese.

official forum:

some introduction
Immunet Protect. It's been awarded 4 1/2 stars out of 5 in a recent Editor's review on CNET's It's fast and effective, and is designed to run alongside your existing antivirus or on it's own.

Need more reasons to try Immunet Protect?:

* Immunet is FAST and leverages the speed of cloud computing to deliver instant protection that won't slow down your PC with constant virus updates

* Immunet is light - up to 35 times lighter than the leading antivirus competitors, which means less memory usage and less weight on your PC

* Immunet gives you real-time community-wide protection - the instant a virus is detected on an Immunet user's PC, it is blocked within milliseconds across ALL Immunet user PCs, thanks to collective intelligence and Collective Immunity

* Immunet is compatible with existing security products, so you get added protection

* Immunet is free to download and free to share with your friends, please get it now and join my protection network so we can help protect each other against online threats!

Join my protection network now by downloading Immunet Protect for free:

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Cloude based Anti-virus-----Immunet Protect Empty Re: Cloude based Anti-virus-----Immunet Protect

Post by secret365 on 29/7/2010, 17:11

Immunet Protect 2.0 is coming soon. Surprised

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