ShadowDefender forever?

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ShadowDefender forever? Empty ShadowDefender forever?

Post by noorismail on 29/6/2010, 13:37

In the event,and I know this is jumping the gun,Tony has done a Cherokee fade away,and abondoned ShadowDefender,what then?

The MalwareDefender drama is still playing out,and prehaps because it has predated the ShadowDefender
affair,it can serve as an object lesson.

My understanding is that in this paradigm,there is a new,free,version,and some kind of refund scheme,for those who have bought licenses..

I do not want a refund,I want a developed ShadowDefender!!

But failing that,as ShadowDefender has never equaled Returnil,market share wise,might it not equal Ubuntu versus Windows?

In other words may it not remain the light-virtualization program few malware writers bother to target?

Those of us with lifetime(!) licenses,squirreled away on DVD,may yet be better off than we thank!!


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