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DefenseWall v3.03 Empty DefenseWall v3.03

Post by Ruhe on 26/6/2010, 02:43

DefenseWall v3.03 beta has started.

This build introduces strong anti-TOCTTOU protection, also, it includes few simplifications. Now on, if you open an untrusted document (.doc, .ppt, xls, ...), not allowed to be modified by untrusted process, with your standard editor program (WordPad, MS Office, etc), DefenseWall will allow it to modify certain document opened. Also, it solves few issues found with previous versions.

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DefenseWall v3.03 Empty Re: DefenseWall v3.03

Post by ssj100 on 26/6/2010, 03:52

Ilya writes:

Going to release it ASAP as the changes are very important.

He also writes in the topic title:

TOCTTOU is not an issue now!

Makes me think of all those people criticising Matousec at both the Wilders and the Sandboxie forums (mainly saying that this TOCTTOU isn't a new issue and has been around for 10+ years etc). It's got at least one developer fired up to fix the issue as soon as possible in any case!

It does make me wonder as to what other (hidden/unknown) vulnerabilities software like DefenseWall has though. If this vulnerability has been known for so long, how come Ilya wasn't aware of it? Did it really take a public statement by Matousec to get him (and other developers) to patch it?

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