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RollBack Rx and Remote Desktop Empty RollBack Rx and Remote Desktop

Post by Ruhe on 20/6/2010, 21:18

Something that RollBack Rx users should know - copied from the Horizon DataSys knowledge base

After install RollBack Rx, you notice the XP remote desktop feature is enabled.

Why did RollBack Rx enable Windows Remote Desktop?

RollBack Rx enables Windows Terminal Services (it's the service for Windows remote desktop) on Windows XP Professional systems during setup. This is because RollBack Rx Enterprise console has a remote desktop feature, which uses Windows Terminal Services to connect to the clients.

Are there any security problems?

No, Windows remote desktop requires a password authentication to start a session. RollBack Rx setup simply enables the Terminal Service, it does not know anything about or do anything with user's password. When anyone tries to connect to a remote desktop, they will need to provide the local machine's administrator account and password to logon. If the local administrator's account does not have a password, Remote Desktop will not connect.

Can I disable remote desktop?

If you do not intent to ever use the Windows Remote Desktop feature with the RollBack Rx Enterprise Console, you may manually disable it. To disable Remote Desktop, click My Computer/Properties/Remote and uncheck the "allow users to connect remotely..." checkbox. Then rename the "c:\program files\rollback\client.dll" file to "client.old"
1. This also applies to RollBack Rx on Windows 7.
2. The default installation folder is "c:\Program Files\Shield"
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