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Microsoft Application Virtualization Empty Microsoft Application Virtualization

Post by Ruhe on 17/6/2010, 15:23


With App-V, a user can sit down at any desktop and access his applications. The applications are delivered on demand but run as if they were actually installed locally. Thus, there is no need to install the application components or alter the host device.

Not altering the host device and running virtualized applications instead introduces numerous advantages, including:

  • Fewer application conflicts
  • Faster and easier application updates
  • The ability to run multiple versions of the same app side by side
  • Flexible applications that follow users online and offline
  • Reduced application-to-application regression testing

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Microsoft Application Virtualization Empty Re: Microsoft Application Virtualization

Post by jna90 on 29/7/2011, 10:13

The ability to run multiple versions of the same app side by side

There's a free operating system that does the same:

Rather than making every application apart of your base system, PBI's are self-contained, including their own dependent library tree and related data. As a result, when you install a PBI there are no dependency issues to resolve, and applications can be added / removed freely, without fear of causing breakage to the desktop or any other installed software.

The quote is from an official pc-bsd (unix os) wiki:

I just thought I mention it.. its not virtualization, but still a nice feature though.
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