Introducing Diskshot™ - an alternative to Shadow Defender

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Introducing Diskshot™ - an alternative to Shadow Defender

Post by dax123 on 18/10/2012, 07:20

Going to revise the whole thread Very Happy

Introducing Diskshot™ - an alternative to Shadow Defender

Project page :

Thread Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Suggestion for use in action
  3. Additional features
  4. Translations
I've posted a comparison of 'instant recovery software' before.
Only shadow defender could keep the system safe from TDSS rootkits.
Today I found another one that works - DiskShot, the safest ISR software ever!!

1. Introduction

Diskshot™️ creates a sandbox to your system, and keep it safe from any malicious attacks / unwanted changes.

Basic operation

  • When you create an image, it keeps your initial data from being overwritten. all changes will be stored in sandbox.

  • And when it comes to recover your system, all changes within the sandbox is removed.

  • Also it provides 'commit changes' option, in case you want to make permanent changes.

Here are pros' and cons' compared to other product.

MBR, Sector-level, Disk-level protection at once
(Shadow defender does not provide [url=""]MBR-level protection[/url], you need to use additional software like MBRGuard)
provides TRUE protection against low-level attacks like rootkits
(which Deep freeze, Rollback RX cannot provide, they are bulls**t)
Keeps your data after reboot
(shadow defender removes the data each reboot)
TRIM support
(Especially for SSD performance/lifespan, only Rollback Rx supports this)
Provides pre-boot emergency center
(you can recover your data even when the system is not bootable.)
Supports GRUB multi-boot system
(to do this, install your grub to PBR sector in windows partition, instead of using MBR)
(and you need to use a custom configuration 'FilterBootSector=0', if you want how to do this I'll post it)
Is being actively developed
(Currently the author of shadow defender is MIA Sad )

No Multilanguage support
(it's a commercial software especially targeting korean companies)
(however I'm planning to provide an 'unofficial' english translation)
No Snapshot/Timeline feature (yet)
(however it will be supported in next version, as the deloper team promised)
No Hibernation

DiskShot @ home is provided free for home-user.
Ds@home - x86 : download
Ds@home - x64 : download
English translation : currently in progress

You can register with this free giveaway license :
7SPUT-MQHT2-N5D8C-V7C4X-J3PK7 (valid until 2014-07-19, for 8000 users)
After the giveaway is finished, you can request a trial key (15-days) in this link :

(* if you request a key in the project forum you will get unlilmited personal license for free, but it's hard for non-korean user to post in this site.. Sad )

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