Methods for improving security when performing online transactions

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Methods for improving security when performing online transactions

Post by ssj100 on 2/9/2011, 17:18

Thought I'd create a new topic for this to carry on from here:

After further reading/research, I've decided that (for me) the following combination would be extremely robust and yet relatively convenient:
1. My usual security setup/approach ( )
Steps 7-9 still apply, but different browsers aren't necessary - in this case, a "clean slate" Firefox browser can be opened each time in a separate ("banking") sandbox. Normal browsing can still be done in the usual Firefox sandbox.
2. Firefox add-on "NoScript" with HTTPS enforcement - "Forbid active web content unless it comes from a secure (HTTPS) connection".
3. Firefox add-on "Perspectives" - gives a good idea as to whether the SSL certificate can be trusted.
4. Firefox add-on "ShowIP" - informs you of the IP address of the current web-site so you can ensure it's the correct address.

Steps 3 and 4 would be the only additions to my current personal setup. However, I'm not convinced that Perspectives is needed when ShowIP is used. Even if a fraudulent SSL certificate is used, the redirected (pharming) site would use a different IP address - this should ring louder alarm bells than anything from Perspectives. And surely things are secure if the IP address matches up and the site has a valid SSL certificate. Also, Perspectives requires Port 8080 to be opened (this Port is disabled by Sandboxie in all my internet facing sandboxes) in order to function - this possibly opens up a potential security hole.

Anyone else would like to share their method(s)? m00nbl00d has already described an extremely clever method in the above linked thread.

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