make the best of Sandboxie free edition

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make the best of Sandboxie free edition

Post by Guest on 27/4/2010, 08:36

Recently I have transitioned from Sandboxie free,to the paid edition.
While I encourage all who use Sandboxie,to take advantage of the opportunity of obtaining the great added utility of the full version,a lot of security can be achieved with the free.

My first step with the free edition is stop it starting with windows:
sandboxie tray icon+show window+configure+Windows shell integration.
uncheck "start with Windows".
(this is purely personal,and a reflection of my dislike of anything "automatic" in my software.)

I then set up my browser box's pretty much in accordance with ssj100's instructions,under Sandboxie here:

Ok,that gets browsers.
What about media players,PDF readers,games ect?
There is no way to "force" these programs to run sandboxed in the free edition!

You can of course right click,and choose to run them in the sandbox of your choice,each time you use them.
BAH!! to much work!!

That is where the contributed utility from the Sandboxie forum:

"Sandboxie Shortcut creator" comes in!!
Following the simple GUI,you are able to create shortcuts for your internet facing apps,to however restrictive a sandbox/s you choose to use!!

If you want to run say,your Foxit reader sandboxed,there is no need of right clicking,run sandboxed,and choosing box.
You simply click on a icon,identical to the native Foxit icon,and the program opens in the configured sandbox of your choice.

Replace all of your desktop browser icons with these "Sandboxie Shortcut creator",
icons,start menu also, if you will!!

And each time you open the application,it will be sandboxed!!

This method enabled me to make best use of Sandboxie free,for a protracted period of time.
I hope someone will find it useful.



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Re: make the best of Sandboxie free edition

Post by ssj100 on 27/4/2010, 08:46

Excellent ideas in there noorismail. I particularly like the shortcut creator - it definitely would make sense even to the "noob" user as to what icon to click when they want to run their browser or media player etc.

Of course, force sandboxing makes things so much easier and therefore the full version is worth upgrading to for this alone.

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