ShadowDefender/Returnil and Defrag.

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ShadowDefender/Returnil and Defrag.

Post by Guest on 27/4/2010, 01:33

This morning,as I was half awake,and totally wired about installing a much desired upgrade to one
of my program's on my real system,I rebooted,but failed to exit ShadowMode.

After installing my program,doing a bit of tiding up,I was somewhat disgusted with myself to see
it had all been in ShadowMode,and I would need to do it all over.
That's when I remembered something that caused my disgust to turn to worry.
Part of the "tiding up" had been to run the Piriform,defrag program,Defraggler.

In the past,while I was useing Returnil 2008,there was a large amount of concern that using disk
defrag tools from protected mode would totally destabilize the system.

The Returnil Forum promised to address the issue by blocking these tools from running in the 2010 versions.
They also replied to the question,that ShadowDefender would have the same issues as well.
Of course,I never migrated to Returnil 2010,moving instead to ShadowDefender.

But I always avoided getting close to a defrag utility in ShadowMode.
Until today.

Files were manipulated across Shadow mode,because the defrag I did in ShadowMode showed 2% fragmentation,
while the analysis of the drive out of ShadowMode,showed only 1%.(or maybe that only reflected the difference between the base state of the disk,and the shadowed one?)

My system runs fine,for now.
Can anyone tell me:
1: Has this defrag in ShadowMode problem ever applied to ShadowDefender?
2.If so,is it fixed?
3.Or was the danger based on multiple instances of defraging a Shadow Drive? (such as auto defrag
function on the new OS's?

Fingers crossed,


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Re: ShadowDefender/Returnil and Defrag.

Post by ssj100 on 27/4/2010, 01:44

Good questions, and unfortunately I would also like to know the answers!

Anyway, I guess that's the risk of running in Shadow Mode by default - you can often forget that whatever you're doing won't be committed to the REAL system because you are so used to running in Shadow Mode.

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Re: ShadowDefender/Returnil and Defrag.

Post by Guest on 27/4/2010, 02:02

Right. For awhile it seemed like this was dark,basement secret of Light Virtualization.
At least one user continued to beg Retunil at least put a note on on their website,or maybe in the GUI,till a fix was found.

There is a similar issue with Windows Restore points,which of course makes perfect sense,there would be,but some are clammering for a means to have them set and saved over reboots in protected mode.(talking about

I have no horse in that race,as SystemRestore has been disable for years.

I also have no knowledge of coding,but the system restore thing sounds
like a beast to work out.



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Re: ShadowDefender/Returnil and Defrag.

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