Browsers and their Read-Only modes

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Browsers and their Read-Only modes Empty Browsers and their Read-Only modes

Post by Rico on 27/1/2011, 11:13

I decided to research a point made by Paul in one of the threads when he talked about Firefox as having a read-only mode. I still think that sandboxie's read-only is much more secure and comprehensive but thats besides the point. As it turns out this article compares both Chrome's incognito and Mozilla's read-only modes:

In terms of security Chrome is way superior by design;

Article wrote:Lastly the Google Chrome Incognito mode is a read-only mode. It does not write anything to disk. No cache, no cookies, nothing. It’s default behaviour is secure and there is nothing you can do to change it. The Incognito mode will remain what it is on every Google Chrome browser, whether it is my home PC or work PC.

The Firefox Incognito mode outlined in Shantanu’s post still writes to the hard disk. The cleaning up is post-event and not by design. Also if you do exactly what is mentioned in that post you are still NOT cleaning up persistent cookies, offline website data (created by extensions) and saved passwords. You have to check a few more boxes to clean these up. If a hardcore geek like Shantanu (the dude writes well, hacks stuff and has a bunch of interesting-looking downloads on his blog!) can oversee these options imagine what it imagines for people who want their browser to just work.

Am I drooling over Chrome’s Incognito feature? – Not exactly but I _am_ impressed. When designing software especially end-user software think secure by design, think secure out of the box, think usability and think of my Dad-equivalent whoever it might be in your case.

The point here is that if security is your number one concern Chrome is much better due to it being designed from the groundup around a security-centric model in an era where drivebys are festering from the internet. Besides that Chrome is definitely very fast compared to anything else I have used. People who use Firefox tend to because of their plugins, but now that Chrome has a healthy plugin gallery, I would recommend that you guys take the plunge and migrate to this browser Cool

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Browsers and their Read-Only modes Empty Re: Browsers and their Read-Only modes

Post by ssj100 on 27/1/2011, 11:20

I mainly stick with Firefox because of a specific add-on that my ISP provides to monitor internet data usage. There is no such add-on for any other browser, not even IE.

Also, Firefox's NoScript is very well developed, as well as extensions like DownThemAll! and DownloadHelper.

But yes, it appears that Chrome is generally the most secure browser and is also getting extensions developed. However, with the full use of Sandboxie, I really don't see much difference from a security perspective.

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