Intel developing security 'game-changer'

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Intel developing security 'game-changer'

Post by DarthTrader on 27/1/2011, 05:30

Intel CTO says new technology will stop zero-day attacks in their tracks

By Sharon Gaudin
January 26, 2011 06:00 AM ET

Computerworld - Intel's chief technology officer says the chip maker is developing a technology that will be a security game changer.

Justin Rattner told Computerworld on Tuesday that scientists at Intel are working on security technology that will stop all zero-day attacks. And, while he would give few details about it, he said he hopes the new technology will be ready to be released this year.

"I think we have some real breakthrough ideas about changing the game in terms of malware," Rattner said. "We're going to see a quantum jump in the ability of future devices, be them PCs or phones or tablets or smart TVs, to defend themselves against attacks."


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