Gmail account locked down?

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Gmail account locked down?

Post by noorismail on 18/8/2010, 03:47

Today I found my Gmail account had been locked down due "suspicious Activity" and they needed my cell number to send a reactivation code.
After they sent the code,they also asked me to asign a new password.

When I finnally was able to look in my account,I found the message that I thank started it all.
A group message addressed to "Me" and also every person on my contact list.

Of course I didn't send the message,nor do I have any idea what its content was.

This is really pretty scary.
My entire contact list.


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Re: Gmail account locked down?

Post by Guest on 18/8/2010, 04:29

Hi Noor,
I know you already know this but make your password as long and difficult as possible with numbers letters and any other characters that are allowed...It may have just been a lucky guess. When they hacked in they probably copied your contact list and then sent it to you to show how clever they were. Probably best when you get in to use a long new password then dump the account. Tell your friends you will only contact them from your new email address.
Somebody got into one of my gmail accounts that I didn't use that much but forgot to lock me out and there was a long conversation going on just between a couple ...I changed my password to a very difficult one and deleted their hundreds of emails. Smile Fortunately I didn't have a big contact list. Just tell your contact list people to be aware of emails with unusual content because they may be spoofed emails that say that they originate from you.



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