No right click,copy and paste in wordpad in ShadowMode

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No right click,copy and paste in wordpad in ShadowMode

Post by noorismail on 1/8/2010, 00:36

First I am not sure if this is ShadowDefender related or not,but while in ShadowMode I have found after running my
machine without reboot for over 24 hours,I sometimes lose the right click copy p[aste function in wordpad
When I right click,nothing happens. No dialog box,nothing.

A reboot solves the issue.

What makes me doubt it is a ShadowDefender issue,is sometimes even running CCleaner without a reboot restores function.

Maybe I need to check exactly what CCleaner is removing.

Its weird.maybe it is my mouse.
Any ideas?


ShadowDefender Sandboxie 3.49, NAT router.
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